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Freeze any protected system app with one click and prevent it from running in the background downloading data and killing your battery when you don't even use it.

Freezing an app prevents it from running constantly on its own and makes it invisible to the system like if it was uninstalled. With a simple Defrost a frozen app will be right back to the way it was before freezing.



Great application, worthwhile purchase. If carriers insist on loading devices with bloatware, we can surely freeze it. This application makes the process just about foolproof and quick. Excellent.


Awesome App! Absolute necessity for any smart phone. Phone functions much faster with all of the bloatware frozen. Well worth the price. Droid Thunderbolt


Perfect! First app I have actually bought and it was more than worth it, i would have paid like 5 bucks for this thing if I knew it was this good.


Outstanding app. Five star help from developer. App still works great and dev busts his butt to make sure you are satisfied. Highly recommended.



Where can I get support?

Use the contact form below to shoot us an email and we will respond with help as soon as possible.

How do I root my phone?

Find your phone on this page and follow the instructions listed. If your phone is not listed, try the SuperOneClick method on that page, it works for most phones. If all else fails, search Google.

Which apps are safe to freeze? I don't want to mess up my phone!

For now, only freeze things that you know your phone does not need. Things like Facebook, Blockbuster, Sprint Nascar, etc. We are working on a wiki site where users can post what they successfully froze for each phone to tell others. Some of these lists are already available online, so Google for them. If you see someone saying they froze or deleted an app for your phone, it is probably safe for you to freeze.


  • Trey Holland
    Developer - Bloat Freezer